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Welcome. The Daily Shorts provides you with all the latest, greatest Daily Show drabbles and ficlets.

What's that, you say? What's a drabble? A piece of fan fiction that counts 100 words. On the nose.

What's a ficlet? For our purposes, a ficlet has an upper limit of 1000 words. So, if it's not an Official Drabble (100 words, remember) then it's a ficlet. Anything over 1000 and you can totally post it at tds_rps. They have a lower limit of 500, though.

What's fan fiction? Fictional writings about our favourite TV shows. Uh, except the stuff we write never happened, and we don't claim it did and please for the love of pete, don't sue. What's the Daily Show? Er. Um. You probably shouldn't be here.

There are rules. I know, I know. But what are we if not savages, if there are no rules?

1. Pay attention to the word counts. Anything over 1000 and it's not in our jurisdiction.

2. Spell. Check. It won't take very long. If you're posting something in a rough form, for some reason, let us know. This comm is basically for finished works only.

3. Please use an LJ-Cut, no matter what the length.

4. SLASH is allowed. Slash is encouraged. Slash, if you don't know, is a romantic or sexual relationship between two or more members of the same sex. Any kind of slash. Also, het is allowed. And gen. Everything is allowed, so long as it's under 1000 words.

5. Please use the following format when posting, as it makes life easier:

Title: (including part/chapter number when applicable)
Rating: (We use the MPAA system of G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17.)
Content: (Please warn us about any objectionable content, like hard buttsex and other adult themes.)
Disclaimer: (Make sure we all know you aren't profiting.)
Summary: (If you want, like the back of a book.)
Notes: (Anything you want to let us know that doesn't fit elsewhere.)

6. Be. Nice. Nice isn't subjective. Wank-free comm, please.

7. Ab-so-lutely no cross-posting. If you're unsure of where to post your fic, here or in tds_rps, ask a mod, or a friend, but don't post in both. We have a lot of the same members, and it just clutters everything up for everyone. Cross-posted posts will be deleted. That's the only thing I'm being a bitch about.


For longer TDS slash (500 words and over), visit tds_rps.
For Colbert Report slash, tcr_fps.
For icons, tds_icons
For screencaps, tds_caps
For general, thedailyshow
For anything else, tds_directory

Questions can be directed to your mod, st_raoul.